Effective herbal remedies and high blood pressure

1 Collect the first ( buttocks, according dill and black chokeberry )

- Three parts , fennel seeds - two parts , the mature flowers - four sections , hawthorn , aronia berries in four parts : to this collection , you need to be mixed in a glass container and other herbs . The three main events (table) spoon of mixture is ready, pour a liter of boiling water in a pot and enamel . After about five minutes ( after boiling ) and cook it on the stove over low heat mix . Try to eat three times a day before , drink a decoction .

2 The second collection ( based on seeds of fennel leaves and wild strawberries )

Crushing and blending , and these ingredients: Fennel seeds - 1 leaves ( dry) wood strawberries - 1 part black fruits gland rib Sorbus fruit - plant a portion of the old women's handbags - part lemon balm - a part of the dog - part cudweed , grass - two parts , four parts motherwort medicine . Pour 3 tablespoons of cooked thermos with boiling water , collected , and then let the six agents - eight hours. Half a cup three times a day to get the infusion of 20 - 40 minutes before meals .

3 Collection III ( with motherwort mint )

Pre - cut , mix the Recipe : Astragalus plant maple leaves , grass, knotweed, no prescription for tenormin , mint , hawthorn , motherwort ( you can put a little more ) at the same rate , use this formula to prepare the public for legal protection . Now, two large spoon, mix two cups of boiling water to fill the vacuum flask in a warm place for about 8 hours to brew the drug under cover . Two - three times a day for about an hour before meals ready to drink .

4 Four sets ( garlic , hawthorn fruit- based )

A cup of boiling water and a tablespoon of the mixture of these herbs : Flower agarnika - a part of the garlic - the two parts , horsetail herb - three parts , hawthorn fruit ( both fresh and dried, you can use it ) - hawthorn three and flowers - three parts. ( About 4 hours ) infusion to gain power , and then a quarter cup four times to make it a day before meals .